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Shaoxing Yidao which is the company located in Keqiao --- Textile city in China and also one famous fabrics/textile goods wholesaling and retailing market. holding one greige fabrics mill which applied 3+ production lines to help generating at least 50,000 meters per day, world class advanced equipment applied and 10+ staffs working in it. Yidao provides customers 10 days sampling and fast shipping, we sent samples to customers by Fedex, DHL or UPS regularly.

Yidao directly connection with customers who did wholesaling, branding owner and garment factories, pretty value the opportunity to know more people around the textile markets and help them achieve their projects or dreams. We always holding a inner credo: we are not just provided a product or services for customers, we are help people to achieve their dreams, this process helps us to connect our dreams and create more values together.

Our History

Yidao textile started up from a family based industry, from the beginning, only Sunny and her young brother. From year 2000, new members entry and teams enlarged. Our products from simple items like plain dyeing cotton / rayon/ poly, in early 5 years the orders never stop in our company. Gradually, e-commerce replaced the traditional mode and affect product thinking from that special days. Yidao tried to do different and complicated items which rivals hesitated to produce.

Now we running the trading company with 10+ members and one factory with 10+ staff. And by now, embroidery became our largest and most competitive segment, to serve more than 20 countries around the world. We are looking forward to meeting more opportunities and challenges and collect better understandings for this world.

For our project model is collecting the demands from customers, check the sample pieces or technician guides. Evaluate the cost to making the products based on pointed meters, made a price sheet for customer check. After got price-confirm from customers, made the sample and shipped it out, quality approved by customers then we continued to contract stage. Materials arrangement and production lines inspect, bulk making process. After bulks finished, we will check the fabrics quality at least 5 times to confirm if the product is eligible to export. Then Documents check and payment done.

Our company consists of one sales center with 5 sales to handle the projects and 3 persons for account and fabrics arrangement. One factory with 10+ workers who have 5 years experiences on production and know how to do QC works.

For our clients, like Zara, H&M, Walmart and some social media shop keepers, annual sales achieved 100,000 USD, our competitive advantages are differentiate embroidery workmanship and controllable risks on production.


E-mail: ethanfabrix@gmail.com

Add.: 1255 Jinkeqiao Ave, 5b-403, Keqiao, Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China, 312030

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